When Harville Hendrix first published the book: Getting The Love You Want in 1988, little did he know that it would attract the attention of Oprah Winfrey and offer him an opportunity to present his method of helping couples on her show. That show, by the way, was voted the best one of that season and Opera came to refer to him as "my favorite therapist."

His approach asserted well accepted theories that childhood experiences do profoundly affect the way adults express themselves in all of their significant human interactions especially in marriage and committed, intimate relationships. He saw that one of the greatest challenges in such relationships was for partners to communicate with understanding, compassion, and respect. This method of communicating became the process simply called "Couples Dialogue" In a dialogical relationship, he proposed, couples could come to realize mature love and deep connection.

He believed that we are unconsciously drawn together out of the need to complete our human agenda which is to become fully alive to our natural talents and loving core. This requires that we heal, where necessary, any unfinished business from childhood by having a healthy and conscious relationship in adulthood.

Imago Therapy is uniquely designed to provide couples with the basic attitudes and skills that are essential for realizing the consciousness and love we all want and need in our lives.