Imago Marriage Counseling Chicago

It was shortly after Harville Hendrix published his book: Getting The Love You Want in 1988 that Harville Hendrix appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and became known nationally as an important contributor to the world of marriage counseling.

It was immediately after this appearance that Dr. Hendrix began to train therapists from across the country in the process that was to become known as Imago Therapy. Leo Dhont was very impressed with this book and what he saw demonstrated on the Oprah show and signed up for the first training class in New York City. He received his certification in June of 1990 and began to meet regularly with a group of other Chicago therapists who were also a part of this first-class.

Over the 20 years of practice since that time, Leo has integrated research and findings from such people as John Gottman (marriage researcher), Daniel Siegel (interpersonal neurobiologist), William Isaacs (corporate consultant), etc. The process has become much more dynamic and fluid as Leo has become adept in facilitating the flow of dialogue between partners in a relationship. The intended outcome is always improved mutual understanding and deeper connection.