Do couples that participate in small groups need individual therapy in addition to the group experience?

For some couples, participation in a group experience stands alone as a helpful experience.  Many couples, however, find that it facilitates and deepens their work if they also participate in couples therapy between group sessions.

Are we required to reveal our private issues in the presence of the group?

These groups provide a combination of educational teaching, group discussion, and mutual exploration of relationship challenges. It is, therefore, necessary that each couple within a group offers personal issues for "group work." Each couple can be selective as to how open and revealing they will be; most couples find that they keep in their relationship and grow more individually when they do share and allow the group to join them in resolving differences. I would like to note in addition, however, that I do not believe growth can occur in an environment that is not safe. This means that one of the group’s primary principles is that of forbidding criticism, judgment, and fixing.

Does dialogical and encounter-based interaction prove to be of value in other relationships besides marriage or committed relationship?

Absolutely! In fact, this kind of interaction has the potential to be the communication process that would save our very troubled world! Whether you are communicating with your partner, your children, your friends, your coworkers, and even yourself, this form of communication is powerful in its ability to effect changes in behavior, loving connection, and all kinds of problem resolution.

What exactly are the different kinds of services that you provide? (See Programs page)

    • • Individual adult psychotherapy/counseling
    • • Couples therapy sessions
    • • Couples group therapy sessions
    • • Consultation to small businesses


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