Imago Background

Leo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Illinois and has had over 50 years of experience doing therapy with individual adults and with couples. He is passionate and devoted to the process of teaching the skills of relationship. He believes we are formed in relationship with our caretakers and that we continue to change and grow best in all of our important adult relationships - especially the relationship we have with a committed partner/spouse.

Leo has had a professional career that spans many different kinds of experiences in the field. Before beginning his specialization in couples therapy over 20 years ago, his primary focus was on doing very intensive individual psychotherapy with adults.

He also worked for 14 years in the public school system where he was a school social worker. In that capacity he learned to work with teachers, principals, parents, and children of all ages from kindergarten through high school.

Leo has had experience in consulting with family members in family businesses. He has also developed a method for working with families around interpersonal issues occurring between parents and their children.

For over 20 years Leo and his wife, Peggy, presented the Getting the Love You Want weekend workshops for couples. Leo was trained and certified as an Imago therapist and workshop presenter by Harville Hendrix who was the creator of that very effective approach to helping couples find connection and love in their relationships. Much of Leo’s work with couples is based upon the model known as Imago Therapy. A deeper explanation of the Imago system of couples therapy can be found on the "programs" page.

Leo no longer presents the weekend workshop and has replaced that offering with a process for groups of five couples. A more extensive explanation of this service also can be found on the "programs" page.

Recently, Leo was certified as an Encounter Centered Couples Therapist (EcCT) by internationally acclaimed couples therapy master Hedy Schleifer. This certification required attendance and participation in two weeklong classes, six months apart, each year for three years. In attendance were 37 couple's therapists from all over the world. Being trained in Imago therapy and EcCT has made Leo well qualified to provide professional counseling services to all couples.

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