Deepening Relationship Connections

Leo and Peggy Dhont - Imago Specialists

If you are in a committed relationship and experiencing separation and discord that keeps you from having the love you want, or if you're in love but so often frustrated with the inability to find consistent connection and peacefulness with each other, you are not alone. Hundreds of couples have come through this counseling practice over the past 50+ years with experiences such as these. Creating a loving, enduring, and committed partnership/marriage will be the most exciting, though challenging, journey that you face in your life.

It is our passion and personal commitment to help couples restore open communication and a renewal of affection in their relationship lives.

Whether you come as a couple, a family, or as an individual adult for counseling/therapy, Leo's primary focus is on examining and modifying beliefs from the past which inhibit the ability to love self and "other." Current brain science has proven that the habits and "programming" from previous experiences can be changed to provide a more positive life experience.

As you will see from your review of this website, we use several counseling modalities which are all designed to assist individuals and couples in achieving wholeness and well-being.